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About e-Cooperative

What is e-Cooperative.online?

E-cooperative is a simple system that enable members raise the money they seek for any business project, make money from their venture, show them ideas on how to manage the money they have made, and of course show them how that money can be multiplied using various financial instruments. There are two sides to ecooperative and you can choose which one you want to be involved in. The first side is the multilevel part of ecooperative. The second side is the business part.

Some of the services that ecooperative renders are – Fundraising through cooperative, Online and offline business development, Internet marketing and training, Online Advertising, Agro-economic ventures, Financial Empowerment services, Hire purchase service, Micro-credit, eCommerce/Online Shopping and Skill Acquisition training.

The e-Cooperative MLM Dimension

It works with a 4 x 4 forced matrix and is very simple to get involved in. It is a transparent, member to member payment scheme or cooperative that enables you raise the money that you need for your business.

What the 4x4 forced matrix means is that you have to invite four persons to join you in e-cooperative. Those four persons have to invite four persons each, making it 16. The 16 persons have to invite 4 persons each summing up to 64. The resultant 64 have to invite 4 persons each, making 256. The matrix is thus - 4, 16, 64 and 256.

NOTE: You begin the business with just ₦1,000 .

How to join e-Cooperative

Joining e-Cooperative is absolutely free. However, to be part of
the network of people who are developing themselves and building
their wealth through e-cooperative, you need a sponsor.

How it works

A sponsor is someone who invited you and is already in the network. He is as a referral link in which you can register. You are to contribute ₦1000 into your sponsor’s business.

How to Make Money from e-Cooperative

For you to be part of this business, you need the following.

  1. A Nigerian bank account.
  2. A phone number.
  3. An e-mail address [optional].

Diagram of the MLM Dimension

Stage 1

You give Jane [your sponsor] ₦1,000 and invite 4 persons to join you in the cooperative. This four persons will give you ₦1,000 each amounting to N4,000.

To move to level 2, you CLICK on upgrade and Anie’s account details appear. Note that the figurative Anie in the above diagram is the person who brought your sponsor [Jane]. You give ₦2,500 to Anie, and when the 16 persons that your initial 4 persons want to upgrade to level 2, you will receive ₦2, 500 from each 16 persons. What that means is that you will earn ₦40,000.

When you give Ifiok [the third person above] ₦5,000, you will receive ₦320,000 from your 64 persons when they are moving up to level 3.

When you give Emma [the fourth person above you] ₦10,000, your 256 persons when moving up to level 4 will give you ₦10,000 each summing up to ₦2,560,000.

Stage 2

The second stage is automatic. When you give Jane [your sponsor] N25,000 naira for level 5, you will receive N100,000 from your 4 down lines. When you give Anie N50,000 for level 6, you will receive N800,000 from your 16 persons. When you give N90,000 to Ifiok [your third person], you will receive N5,760,000 from your 64 persons. And finally, when you give N175,000 to Emma for level 8, you will receive N44,800,000 [Forty four million eight hundred thousand Naira] , and then you circle out.

You can choose to get into the system as many times as you like.

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Our Services

• Online and offline business development

• Online advertising

• Agro-economic ventures

• Financial Empowerment service

• Hire purchase service

• Micro-credit

• ECommerce/Online Shopping

• Training/Skill Acquisition

Frequently asked Questions

Here are some questions that are asked regularly

How many membeship levels are on this system?

This system has 8 Levels which is split into 2 stages of 4 tiers each. The cost of Membership Level 1 is just ₦1000.

Can I have more than one account?

Yes, if only you can manage it. You can create 4x4 matrixes with different teams. The earnings are unlimited.

Do I need a domain or web hosting account?

No. Your site will appear on www.ecooperative.online with your username. You simply promote your referral link to refer and teach new members.

How long can I be in a level?

The moment you register, you have to upgrade to level 1 from level 0. That means you have to give your direct upline (Sponsor) ₦1,000. You have 72 hours to do this. At level 1, you have 7days to get your first 4. At level 2, you have 14days to upgrade to level 3, 21 days to upgrade to level 4 and 1month to upgrade to level 5, 6, 7, 8. Staying for too long in any of these levels stands you the risk of losing your account.

Can I skip Level 1 and go to Level 2?

No! You can only upgrade a step at a time.

How do I get paid?

You are paid directly by your downlines by hand or directly into your bank account. You make sure that you confirm payment on your platform once you have received money. E-Cooperative uses the member-to-member payment scheme.

Can I have more than 4 members?

You can invite any number of new members and they will be placed in your matrix. That is how a 4X4 forced matrix works. You can only have four people directly under you.

Do you give refunds?

Your membership is NON-REFUNDABLE. All payments are final. We cannot refund money to you that have already been paid out to our members.

Can I change my details (email, password) after joining?

Yes, you can change all your details except your sponsor and your username.

How do I pay for my membership?

It's very easy. Login to your member area, click 'Upgrade' link and follow the easy instructions to pay.